Book Club – First Meeting

Last night we had our first meeting of the Book Club. Thanks to Maria for her support in Spanish and for her participation.

I would like to thank the members who participated as well and who presented their book. Reading and sharing reading is accessible to everyone.

I am in the Association library every Saturday at 9:30 am to lend books.

Prepare for the next meeting of the AHL Book Club on 24 at 7 p.m.
Welcome and see you soon.

Books presented and vocabulary discussed

Presented by Richard Duquette. Autor: Ken Follett, titulo: “Una columna de fuego”


  • Ordinal: Duodecimo siglo –  Ordinal: le douzième siècle
  • Octavo siglo – Huitième siècle
  • Lei un tercio 1/3 – Je lis un tiers 1/3
  • Media hermana  – Demi-sœur
  • Un pequeño hecho – Un petit fait
  • Decreto / edicto – Décret / édit
  • Lo hecho al fuego – jeter au feu
  • Un puñal – un poignard

About the author (in english)

Presented by Line Beaucage, Isabel Allende, EL AMANTE JAPONÉS de Isabel Allende – YouTube


  • Invernadero – Serre

Presented by Maria Serra, Georges Sans: Un invierno en mallorca


  • Lo que paso en mallorca –
  • Mujer de malvivir – puta
  • Cartuja  – chartreuse
  • Celdas de monjas – Des cellules de religieuses
  • ysoo de platon – patre

¡Cuidado Steve!

  • Soy listo  – Je suis intelligent
  • Estoy listo – Je suis prêt
  • Estoy lista – Je suis prête

Other texts mentionned:

El mundo de Sofia

Propuesto por Line  El mundo de sofia.pdf muy intesante sobre la filosofia.

Said Magdi: French Kisses on the Nile  (proposed by Steve Edwards)