A great big thank you to our volunteers that provide hundreds of hours of their time to help move the association forward.


The Association Hispanophone de Laval is looking for volunteers with experience with the following tasks :

  • Spreadsheets such as Excel or Google sheets
    • Copy and paste data
    • Update data lists 
  • Send Mailings with  MailChimp  
    • Import member lists 
  • Facebook page
    • Create events
    • Post, comment, repost visitor posts
    • Reply to notifications
    • Reply to requests for information in the Inbox
  • Facebook Groups
    • Approve, moderate, post and comment as required
    • Send messages to the emergency group Alerte Intercambio Lingüístico with Messenger
    • Add new members
    • Prepare messages as required
  • Chat with clients and visitors with Messenger
  • Reply to requests for information with Gmail

Register here to become a volunteer. If possible, provide your interests or any special competency.